He is young, wants to experience something again and leave the last years full of restrictions behind him – that is the Cool Dancer. He strives for a change and wants to storm the dance floor with his friends again. He was able to use the last years to live out musically as a producer, but the time at home did not pass him by without a trace. That’s how long he’s been cooped up. No parties, few friends to meet – that’s not his element. He loves to dance and be around a lot of people.

The latest track “Cool Dancer” by Manuel Bayer reflects the current, young generation. For far too long, their youth or young adulthood suffered from Corona’s restrictions. The lyrics in the track “Let’s dance with me” are a cry for change. This is joined by an incoming melody and a driving bassline. In addition, the track captivates with synthesizer sounds that invite you to dream. Through them you forget for a moment the world around you and can also leave behind the difficult time of the past years.

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