Hot temperatures, a cold drink in hand – only the right sound for the perfect day is missing. Just in time for the beginning of summer, Manuel Bayer delivers the chillout summer anthem with his debut single “Summer Bells”.

The slightly melancholic singing in combination with the positive vibe of the sound invites you to dream and the hectic everyday life is decelerated for a moment. The bell sounds, which give the song its name, form the climax of the song. They start a new beginning and encourage rethinking.

The background of the song is based on autobiography. After years as an employee, Manuel Bayer now goes his own way and turns his hobby into a career. His grandfather was his biggest inspiration for this daring move. The passionate drummer pursued his passion for music into old age and always encouraged Manuel to listen to his heart and go his own way.

With the foundation of his own label “Daisy Dans Records”, Manuel Bayer has fulfilled a lifelong dream. With love and a keen eye for detail he develops his own style of music “Daisytech”.

You can buy it here:

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Or stream it on Spotify! (also available as RadioEdit)